Food Blog # 5: Koi Japanese Restaurant

UPLB Grove experienced a lot of upgrade the last couple of years, maybe due to people realizing the opportunity of  the “finer” establishments here, as a new breed of students are brought at this side of the world by the tuition fee increase.There weren’t a lot of restaurants at Grove when I was a freshman.Continue reading “Food Blog # 5: Koi Japanese Restaurant”

Food Blog # 3: Heaven N’ Eggs

(Sorry Gail, inunahan na kita! hehe) I’ve heard of this restaurant a long time ago, but it was only when Gail posted it on her blog contest that I took the time to search the net on what this restaurant was all about. Heaven N’ Eggs is primarily a breakfast food place focusing on pancakesContinue reading “Food Blog # 3: Heaven N’ Eggs”

Food Blog # 2: Butter Diner

This place commanded a lot of attention with its opening a few years ago, being featured at numerous TV shows, online blogs and newspapers. I remember seeing it when it had just opened but I wasn’t able to try it then.So today I decided to go and try their food.Butter Diner is of course patternedContinue reading “Food Blog # 2: Butter Diner”

Food Blog # 1: Chaikofi-The Concept Cafe

Instead of staying at home and cursing the whole world because I’m dateless this Valentines Day, I decided to go out and date myself.Well, I’m not exactly alone. My mom and sister went with me too because they needed to pick up a dress for my sister’s upcoming prom.So the three of us headed toContinue reading “Food Blog # 1: Chaikofi-The Concept Cafe”