Food Trip # 7: Burgoo

The Burgoo magic had somewhat waned in my food-obsessed world, but only because we’ve been frequenting this restaurant ever since Gateway Mall opened a couple of years ago. My family and I prefer this place when we eat out because of their huge servings at reasonable prices. I specially LOVE their raspberry cheesecake, it’s definitely to DIE for 🙂

Anyway, I was really in no mood to cover Burgoo because my heart was dead set on featuring Haagen Daz at Greenhills. But I’m not stupid to pass up a free meal, so I conceded and followed them to Gateway to have another Burgoo dose.

This restaurant for me is somewhat confusing.
The word Burgoo, according to them, is a kind of stew popular in the Kentucky region of the US. You would think that their specialty would be stews and soups because of that. But you’re wrong. They don’t have any stews, much less a Burgoo stew. The menu is totally American with the burgers, steaks, pasta and pizzas.
Though they have an American theme, the restaurant did not come from the US. It’s in fact a Filipino-made and owned restaurant. They already have a couple of branches across the Metro if I’m not mistaken.

 Burgoo Interior

As for the interior: very modern, airy but still cozy. You can scribble on their paper table mats using the crayons they provide. I remember T.G.I Fridays also using that kind of gimmick way back when I was still a kid, so Burgoo brings back a lot of memories from that time (flashbacks! :p).

Kiwi cooler, Strawberry cooler, Elephant charger and Watermelon shake (P125 each)
I don’t know why I always have the Kiwi cooler when we eat here. It’s just a simple shake really, as well as the other stuff. The Elephant Charger is a bit different though because it has a milk base.Yeah I know, its pricey.But you can choose the bottomless drinks (iced tea or sodas) for P50 (-more or less) and get much more.

Supreme Sampler (Regular:P395 or Large:P555)
The Supreme sampler has onion rings, cheese sticks, spring rolls and buffalo wings. The onion and cheese sticks are typical. The spring rolls are are a bit different, I can’t put a finger on what exactly but it tastes much better than the typical spring roll. I’m not crazy about the buffalo wings maybe because I’m just used to having the T.G.I. Fridays’ version.

That’s the supreme sampler’s dips. There’s mayo, salsa and…I don’t know what the brown one is, but that’s what I prefer.

Supreme stone-baked Pizza (Regular:P295 or Large:P555)
Another dish which my family always order. i love pizza, and all pizzas for me taste the same so I’ve got nothing more to say for this one. :p

Mississippi Mud Pie (P125)
Instead of haivng my regular Rasperry Cheesecake,I opted for the mud pie. It’s just ice cream in cake form. I think this one’s an easy dessert, and I’m seriously considering to make one for Christmas. 🙂

So for the verdict: It cannot be denied that they have huge servings, so your peso will go a long way here. The food is very good, definitely. The place is also A-OK.
But they do have a service charge,  the only negative thing I can  think of for dear ol’ Burgoo.

Burgoo (Gateway Branch)
2nd Floor
Gateway Mall
Araneta Center
Cubao Q.C.

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