Imitating Micha’s famous baked mac.

If you’re an elbizen, then you’ve probably heard of a quaint little shop called Micha’s along UPLB grove. It’s a pastry shop at the corner of Demarses Subdivision which is famous for its delicious and affordable cakes, cookies and other deli products. I’ve long been a fan of their baked macaroni, and I often wonderedContinue reading “Imitating Micha’s famous baked mac.”

Contessa and pancakes.

My favorite chef would probably be Ina Garten, or as most people call her: the barefoot contessa.After years of watching different cooking shows in Lifestyle, Discovery Travel and Living and even the local ones like Quickfire or Sweet Confections, I came to realize the qualities which I want a chef to possess. First, my favoriteContinue reading “Contessa and pancakes.”

Food Trip # 10: Halo Heavenly D’Lites

Nesvita Cereal drink is taking a toll on my health, but just like a drug, I just can’t seem to get enough of it! I can sense that my body’s starting to rally against that quick drink, so before I start dying I decided to indulge myself in a more healthier option. Good thing IContinue reading “Food Trip # 10: Halo Heavenly D’Lites”