Food Trip # 11: Secret Recipe

The world seemed to work against me the day I met up with Gail.

Gail and I decided to meet up at SM Megamall after work to have dinner. I had made all the necessary preparations for that. I had to plan since I’ll be coming all the way from Makati, while Gail was just in the Boni area. I finished a considerable amount of workload the day before and even left my co-worker  amidst his trying to make me feel guilty for doing so.

My own series of unfortunate events started when I was about to leave the office round 5:30. I was about to log out when I found out that my time card was still with the accounting department. I tried to get it, but they told me to wait for a while because they were doing some payroll papers. That “a while” lasted till 6:30.

The moment I finally got my time card, I hurriedly rode the jeep towards the MRT station. I bought a card and line up at the queue when the guards informed us that the train was defective, and they’ll be suspending people from entering till they had the problem all-ironed out. Mind you, I was already in the front line when that happened! I think they made us wait for 30 minutes. As you can see, I was really running late, manong guard.

After what seems like an eternity, they finally let us in. As usual, the train was over-crowded. I waited for the third train to come along before I was able to ride.

I reached Shaw station round 8pm, and made a run for it.hehe, because couple more minutes and I’ll be buying Gail her dinner as a penalty. I really hate being late, so I told Gail I’ll be buying her ice cream instead to compensate for her 2-hour wait.

Which brings us to Secret Recipe! :p
Secret Recipe is widely known for their award-winning cheesecakes and espresso items. I checked out their website and learned that they have franchises across Asia too.

Ok, sorry if I don’t have any interior shots. I was more interested talking to Gail than taking pictures. I’ll just try my best to describe it. The interior: very modern yet laid-back. They have cool food photo walls, big mirrors, crisp+clean furniture and bright but warm lightings.

Chicken Cordon Bleu (P230)
Gail ordered that bestseller. We all know what cordon bleu is, right? hehe. Boneless chicken stuffed with cheese. Very delish, and the serving’s huge too.

Pan-grilled Dory with Lobster sauce (P320)
I ordered the fish, well because I like white fish. This one’s really really good, the sauce was creamy, a bit like milk sauce, and works well with the dory fillet. But I would have to say I still prefer TGI Friday’s tortilla crusted fish, because they have a creamier fish meat (which means its fresher).

Ice lemon tea (P50)

Chocolate Walnut ala mode (P100 per slice + 50 ala mode)
A very decadent piece of moist brownie topped with ice cream. Two thumbs up for this one!

Cheeze Choco (P140 per slice)
Cheesecake with a chocolate mousse layer. We’re talking about award-winning cheesecakes here, so trust me when I say it IS good. The cream cheese flavor was not over-powering,unlike other cheesecakes you buy from other restaurants.

Anyway, for the verdict: Having eaten at different places for a couple of months now, I decided that the normal rate per person to enjoy a full course meal at a slightly-upscale restaurant would be just below 500. If the bill goes higher than that, then I’ll say it’s over priced. But there’s also the serving size to consider too. I wouldn’t mind paying more if I see that the servings are huge. For Secret Recipe, I would have to say it is moderately priced : Good food, huge servings, nice ambiance and attentive crew.
They also have a lot of interesting desserts, so if you’re craving for something sweet, I highly recommend their cheesecake selections. 😀

After dinner, we went straight to Haagen Daz for Gail’s ice cream treat. Kamusta naman, 150 per scoop??!! Now that’s what I consider over-priced!

Click here for the Secret Recipe menu*

Secret Recipe
Level 2, Mega Mall Atrium
SM MegaMall

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