I’m feeling very sluggish, lazy and sleepy. Aside from that, I’m currently suffering from a tummy ache because of the cheese platter we had yesterday. This is what I get for going out non-stop for the past few days in celebration of my 22nd birthday! But all’s good, I really had a blast and I wouldn’t have wanted my birthday to go any other way. 🙂

I would like to thank a couple of people for making my day really special.

First off, I would like to thank Jang for Thursday. I wasn’t expecting anything from her, but she went out of her way and gave me a gift. Plus, thanks for a very memorable night that somehow ended in drama (but was still VERY entertaining, haha!).

Next, I would like to thank my buddy and my twin for Friday. Even though Debbie was sick that day,  she still managed to travel all the way to Makati to come with us.

Thank you Debbie and Deng for:

…accompanying me while Kuya Juan Cuerpo of PandP Tattoo was doing his magic. Seriously, It wasn’t painful like what other people think!

…for being such cheap dates! After getting inked, we went back to Greenbelt to have dinner at Crocodile Grille. Too bad they ran out of frog legs!

…for the birthday countdown at Ziggurat Cuisine. We weren’t able to find any place in Greenbelt where we wanted to stay, so we took a cab again back to Jupiter Street for this one.

…for experiencing with me the hookah the first time. Mga adik lang e.hahaha!

…for the sleepover at Deng’s place…and last but not the least thank you you two for…

the morning/noon after 😀

tattoo  going emo with Deng
…tattoo harrassing Debbie
…tattoo having Lomi
…tattoo trying to be sneaky to get a bit of Debbie’s Bangsilog..

I would also like to thank my family for Saturday night and for the gift my dad gave me. My mom was pretty cool about me getting a tattoo. I told her about my plans maybe 3 weeks ago and surprisingly, she didn’t object : thus I went for it. 😀

And lastly, I would like to thank the people who took the time to greet me a happy birthday:

(in order of when I received their message/s:)

    * Anne- a day before (in FB)
    * Jang- exactly at midnight (cp)
    * Ate Chloe (cp)
    * Romie (cp)
    * Mama (cp)
    * Sir Allen (cp)
    * Joyce (cp)
    * Mam Rosa (cp)
    * Karen (cp)
    * Debbie (cp)
    * Mam Sugar (cp)
    * Mam Julai (cp)
    * Sir J.T. (cp)
    * Lucille (cp)
    * Shane (cp)
    * Men (cp)
    * Shane again, hehe (cp)
    * Ran (cp)
    * Joyce again (in FB)
    * Lorena (in FB)
    * Liana (in FB)
    * Iche (in FB)
    * Gail (in multiply)
    * Lorena again (in multiply)
    * Jang again (in YM)

That’s it 😀  I’m very grateful to all of you, till next year!!! (It’s on Sunday, so I no longer have to go MIA at the office next year, hehe.)

Currently loving:

my P and P bag. Right, Debbie and Deng?hehe.

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