On Super Typhoons.

   I have lived through Typhoon Milenyo 3 years ago thinking I’ll never again experience anything nearly as bad as I did then. We were stuck at our dorm in Los Banos when that happened.. the howling winds, trees going down…But typhoon Ondoy came and seriously caused as much havoc, or even more — this time I was at our office when Ondoy’s full force came.

That was taken around afternoon, when the water was just knee high. It went up to thigh by late noon. Those cars have been stuck there for ages and the 1st floor of our building where the carts and release stocks are kept was also flooded. All of our delivery trucks (our poor drivers!) which were on duty were also stranded, and the perishable goods they carry have been considered spoiled. Mam Abi estimated it to be worth around P100,000+ and will be replaced with new stocks by Monday, which will definitely cause another delay on our delivery schedule. To top it all off, one of our monitoring officers called and said his companion (one of the new employees) fell in a manhole somewhere in Bicutan.

   Work stopped around noon because of the things which have started to unfold. Mam Joy and I comforted ourselves by cam-whoring, fooling around with the trainers and surfing the net. Our VP for Operations was troubled enough as it is to be bothered by our frivolity so we ended up facebook-ing the whole afternoon–only until the smell of burnt wires assailed us all. Everyone was told to get out of the building til the electrician cleared everything out. After that, we were instructed to remain in the conference room. We were not bothered because we know we will never get hungry at the office (hello, we’re a food company.Hehe!). All of us agreed to just stay overnight, but someone initiated thus everyone decided to just brave the floods and go home.

From JCFRAN we walked (because all the roads turned into one big parking lot due to the stranded cars and jeeps) all the way to LRT Libertad to MRT Taft. I don’t mind the walking, but hell, we walked in a thigh-high flood full of scums and God-knows-what. Mam Julai jokingly told us to imagine that we’re just walking on the shores of Puerto Galera or Boracay. Hehe. The journey was full of friendly banters and jokes, so it wasn’t THAT bad.

 Everything went fine when we reached the MRT station, and with all gratitude I got home by 10:30.

 I don’t pride myself for being pristine clean and neat, but when I got home I felt like I’m the dirtiest being on earth-literally. It took 3 shampoo sachets, one whole Safeguard soap and a bottle of Green Cross alcohol to get me all cleaned up.

  Sigh, thinking about it now, I just have to scratch my head and wonder how I got through all of those things. This one will definitely go down on my history!

 I know there’s a lot of people who are still in danger because of Typhoon Ondoy, here’s praying for everyone to be safe and everything to be back to normal.

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