work-related lessons and blabs

This coming Monday will be the start of my second attempt as a working young professional. I seriously didn’t plan for it to be this soon- exactly just 3 weeks after I got out of my previous job in Makati.My original plan was to enjoy my bum life til the end of this year, but just like everything else in my life right now, I’m taking this one as an unexpected opportunity.

This time around I will be in advertising full time. I know I know, its not exactly what dear ol’ DevCom recommends for their graduates. But what the hell, I know where I’m good at (-no bragging intended). One thing I learned after college was to always make use of your skills, because that will be your tool in the work-force. I know a lot of people who graduated with no clear idea or knowledge of what their skill was and is now stuck in a place they do not like. They know how to write, but they’re not good at it. They know how to take photos, but they’re not good at it. See where I’m getting at? I’m lucky that I’ve realized what I really wanted to do early enough, and luckier because I spent most of my undergraduate days focusing on that field- which is on design.

Because I identified what my forte was, it was easier for me to look for jobs which matches my interests- which in turn made it easier for me to get a job. It’s fairly logical if you think about it right? Use your skills and find a job that matches it. With that there is a high probability that you will enjoy your work.

Why only high-probability? Because there are other factors to consider. One major factor, based on my not-so-long-experience-but-everyone-experiences-it-too, is the working environment. There’s the pay…and of course, the people above and around you.

Pay comes with experience and abilities I guess. Be a sponge and absorb every little bit of knowledge you can get from your current job-and hopefully you can demand a higher offer from them or from a new company. If you can’t wait to get rich, get another job. haha, like one person I know who’s working two as of the moment.
So now here comes the best part-the people above and around you. There will always be people who will talk badly behind your back, and people who will step at their co-workers just to get ahead or be favorable to the highest power. There’s nothing you can do about it but just ignore them, mind your own business, and just do your job to the best of your ability. But there are some people who just loves to cross the line between professional to personal. With that I have no advice. I was a victim of it, and I folded. My trainor asked me what if that issue repeated itself. The only answer I can think of is that I’ve learned from my past experience, and hopefully I can handle issues now better than I used to. I jokingly added that it was my first job so mistakes are acceptable.haha.

Anyway, blogging clears my mind, that’s why I’m blabbing these nonsense stuff. Now that I’m about to begin a new chapter of my work-life, I needed to organize my thoughts and feelings so I can get pumped up for my next work.

Gah. Seriously, the gold has lost its luster. Though my new job is way way more interesting than the first, the idea of working the second time is not as appealing as compared to what I felt way back when I got my first job. Darn. Maybe I should have stuck with my bumhood just a bit longer.

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