Resolution attempt.

New year’s fast approaching, and of course part and parcel of of celebrating the said event is the good ‘ol new year’s resolution.

I’ve lived in this world long enough to know that most of the things listed on someone’s new year’s list don’t always happen in reality, but I guess that’s the fun with New Year, you get to hope for better things, and a better you, for the coming year, even if in the end it will be a failed attempt.
Anyway, here’s my New Year’s resolution. I kept everything pretty simple.

1. Stay single for the rest of the year! No more relationships (flirting included) this time around. Less problems, less responsibilities, less expenses, life that simple. If ever I itch attention and love, at least I’ll have my Pixel with me. 🙂

2. Save up. No more eating out in expensive restos and other frivolous activities (refer back to #1, see?). Keeping a dog is not cheap, I have to put a portion of my salary for Pixel (PUG essentials are a LOT I tell you), and my everyday travel expenses to work. But that’s it. That SHOULD be it. I’m not getting any younger, I have to take the responsibility.

3. Invest more time, attention and energy with my friends (high school, college & work friends). I don’t know how I will attain #2 with this one, knowing that dates with friends require money (kuripot karamihan ng kaibigan ko, swear). But I’ve already figured out how I will do this. Creativity is the key. Picnics and movie marathons can do the job.  Less money, more fun. 🙂 Aaand maybe I should load up more often, so I can text my friends regularly and be more involved with their lives. Since I’m swearing off love life for the meantime, I decided to focus all of my energy to Pixel and my friends.

4. Spend less time with the internet. As a graphic designer, I work hand in hand with computers and the world wide web. I spend 8 hours of work in front of my Mac unit, then when I get home I end up using Pen til I fall asleep. – Yes, that’s my usual weekday agenda believe it or not. I really need to stop this bad, geeky habit of mine before I turn completely blind and unsociable.

5. Finish my 2009 pending resolutions.

Well, that’s it. 🙂 Told you my list is a simple one. My pending goals last year are mostly related with my lack of TIME to do them. My work’s always the issue. But hopefully I can finish everything this coming 2010,given my Tuesday-Saturday work schedule.

So how about you? What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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