Affinity Express graphic designers (OTTAWA and STNG account) @ UP AyalaLand Technohub

These were taken one lazy afternoon. I have to admit we do have a cool office location. As part of my whole “be happy-peaceful-content” goal, I’m listing some of the things I adore about my new job.

a) It’s so near our house.Transportation only takes about 15 minutes max. Aside from that, I get to save a lot as compared to working in Makati because it only costs me about P18 to and fro.

b) No uniforms, I get to wear whatever the hell I want.

c) The place is so upscale, with a retail area wherein you can find a lot of cool restaurants such as Red Kimono, Mister Kabab and a whole lot more. The whole look of the place was really planned, from the building designs to the landscape aspect.

d) The work is laid-back, in a sense. There’s not much pressure at Affinity as compared to my previous job. I get to go home early sometimes.

e) I get to work with people more or less the same as my age, as well as people who were really in the advertising arena for a long time. I have learned, and is still learning, a lot from them.

f) The training was so comprehensive. I got to learn a lot of softwares such as Indesign, Illustrator and Quark.

Well, that’s it as of the moment. I’ll let you know if I can think of something to add to that list.

Photos courtesy of Mam Liz and her cool Nikon D300*

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