Our usual early walk around Araneta Center (our dog park)

I may have made wrong decisions in my life before, but having Pixel as my pet is definitely not one of them. In fact, Pixel has brought out the nurturing side of me, something that I was so dedicated in doing before when I was still into human relationships.
Now that I virtually don’t care about anyone, Pixel’s the only one who’s reaping the repercussions of that situation. He is one spoiled doggy, I tell you. I buy and give him anything and everything. I sometimes think I care about him more than I care about my ex. haha.
He’s nearing his 6th month (he’s my longest relationship as of now), and he’s showing more and more of his personality as he’s getting older. He loves hugs while sleeping. He loves squishy toys, especially his toy balls, and frolicking in the grass. He eats more than what he’s supposed to, that’s why he’s a whopping 8 kilos (2 more kilos and he’ll be borderline obese according to his vet, Doc Shirlene of Pet Express). He follows me EVERYWHERE, even when I’m at the comfort room. He’ll just sit by the door and wait until I finish taking a bath. He’ll sometimes nip at my hands or pull my hair, but he knows how to woe me after I scold him, he’ll just lie beside me and look straight at me with that big eyes, that’s why I never get mad at him for long periods of time. But he does have a mean clever streak, he’ll run away from you when he know he did something wrong or when he found something to chew that he doesn’t want you to see. In fact, he runs out of the house when my mom reprimands him.
I consider Pixel with every decision I make. That’s why I’m still not able to get an apartment of my own because I’m considering his welfare. I just can’t bear thinking that he will be alone when I have to go to work. He’s my baby! And he knows it too. There was a time that he insists being carried even though we both know he can get out of that spot easily.
My co-workers have a penchant of making jokes about him and how I treat Pixel as my baby, which is quite funny. But I just can’t help be all over him. He’s just too precious. 🙂

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