Aanhin ko ang platong walang pagkain.Aanhin ko ang lobong walang hangin.Aanhin ko an cellphone na walang baterya.Aanhin ko ang mga salitang walang gawa.Aanhin ko ang pagmamahal na wala namang pruweba.Mas mabuti pa nga sigurong mapag-isa,kesa isiping mayroon ang wala naman talaga. Puro ka salita.Nakakabadtrip na. Bow.

I Think God Can Explain- Splendor

There’s a lot of things I understandAnd there’s a lot of thingsI don’t want to knowBut you’re the only face I recognizeIt’s so damn sweet of youTo look me in the eyes Chrous:It’s all right, I’m O.K.I think God can explainI believe I’m the sameI get carried awayIt’s all right, I’m O.K.I think God canContinue reading “I Think God Can Explain- Splendor”

Recuperated, Satiated and Drunk.

 I went home from work the other day literally crying because my whole body was aching, my nose was congested, my head was throbbing and my throat felt like it had barb wires around it. I get pretty emotional when I’m sick and easily cry over little things, like I cried the other day whenContinue reading “Recuperated, Satiated and Drunk.”