It’s amazing how faith has laid down the twist on this story, on a prose that I thought would end with tragedy.
Its only now I realized how lonely life has been for me, waking and trying to keep my heart at arm’s length from the world. God knows how I fooled around, playing with other people’s emotions, making them believe I have fallen for them. It has somewhat became a cruel game for me, where my prize at the end is their broken heart in my hand. No tears or plea can affect me. I was unfeeling, I was cold, I was jaded.
For two years I came to believe I was invincible,  but, surprisingly, with one touch YOU brought be back. You came into my life just when I thought I can have anyone, without loving them, without feeling anything.
I can now feel pain – whenever I’m not around you, I can now  feel fear – whenever the thought of losing you comes to my mind.  When I’m with you I’m surrounded with both happiness of love and dread of losing. The funny thing is I’m embracing this madness with arms and heart wide open, by letting myself be vulnerable. You made me breathe life all throughout my dying body. You made my heart beat once more. I can probably go on an on, but there’s no denying, you have become MY MIRACLE.
I still don’t know how this story will end, what faith still has in store for me, but I am no longer scared. Hurt me if you will, as I’ve often told you, for I know the gift you have given me will transcend everything, its more precious than anything I can think of: I will forever be indebted to you, for giving me a reason to live and feel alive again. You, my love,  has given me the gift of hope, the gift of love and most especially the gift of life.
For the first time in two years, these three words will mean something to me:
I love you.

Published by antonettecheng

An Enthusiast of Life

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