And this is how I clean.

My new closet has been sitting in the living room for a week. My mom bought it for me because I was always complaining on how hard it is to find clothes in my old drawer. I need a closet where I can hang some stuff up so I can easily see them. Since I accumulated a big amount of clothes the past year, closing my old drawer has also become a difficult feat. Most of the time I’ll end up leaving everything haphazardly, on the floor, on the table…after which I’ll say “I’m late for work!” then run outside of the house. It was then when my mom got agitated and was left with no choice but to buy me a new closet. 🙂

Early yesterday I decided to finally get into what I’m supposed to do. It took me about 2 hours to assemble it, and another hour to take a nap. I woke up I ate and went online,  then spent the next few hours figuring out where I’ll put the humongous new closet. It was almost lunchtime when I finally made up my mind on where I’ll put it.  After which I had to stop because its lunch time, and of course I need to play and take care of my dog.

By one o’clock I was sitting infront of that closet, debating on how I’ll organize my clothes. Should I hang my pants? Or should I just fold them neatly? Should I hang my shirts? Or should I just fold them neatly? Those kind of dilemma. My dog keeps on tugging on my shirt during the whole process because he was hungry and he didn’t want to eat the new dog food his vet recommended. I love my dog and I can’t let him suffer like that, so we went to Pet Express to buy him some meat.

We were about to go home when the rain poured. HARD. We were stuck at the mall for I think an hour before we were able to get to the tricycle queue. It was almost 3 when we got home.
After that I just have to rest, I went online to upload the pics from our team’s rendezvous the other night because they were already looking for it. 

By 5 I made up my mind to get on with my impended closet task. I was folding my shirts when I realized I had no hanger. Where the hell will I hang these stuff up?? I have to rush back to the mall to buy me some plastic hangers at the Japan Improvement Center. Then I passed through the bookstore to look at more Jessica Zafra books. I ended up buying two. 

By 7 I got back, but it was dinner time for me and Pixel.

By 9 I was back in front of that darn closet, ready to put my clothes in. Darn. I do have a lot of clothes. I was folding, and hanging but I’ll stop every once in a while to chat with some of my friends at fb and skype. I think I spent more time in front of my laptop during that duration.

By 11 I was so tired and sleepy, I ended up putting the rest of my clothes in the closet, unsorted, unfolded and unorganized.

When I woke up today I opened the closet and realized, it was way worse than when I had my drawer.
And that, my readers, is how I clean.

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