I want to vent, just because I want to, and also because I have this irritating cough that seems to be squeezing everything out in my system every time that I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that I’m now officially flu-free, but the cough and cold seem to got stuck, and mind you, the cough seem to be getting worse and worse everyday. Last night I felt like I had TB the very least, since I was coughing non stop until two o’clock in the morning.

And because I’m very irritated by my current ordeal, let me pass it on to the current hype: facebook.

I always have this love-hate relationship with my online social networking sites. I remember deactivating my facebook and clearing the contents of my friendster early last year. That was before deleting my first account in friendster two-three years ago. Well, those two instances I admit are related to my love failures, I deleted them because I want to stay away from the usual post-breakup symptoms like stalking, pleading, stuff like that.

But right now it’s different. I’m not suffering from post-breakup, since I was, and still am single for quite some time now. Right now I’m just simply irritated. I’m irritated with the people in facebook, and the stuff they post, the messages they send, the pictures and videos they post, and the games they play. Arg.

Let me define some irritating types of people which are the reason why I currently abhor checking my facebook account (cough, cough):

1. The PING-PONG BALL: I have this friend who broke up with her boyfriend for what, 2 years now? I know, I know its hard since they were together for a long time. But imagine reading every single day for two years her  love woes. Today she’ll be posting “I am stronger etc etc”, the next she’s saying “I’m just here, waiting”. Oh for Christ sake! Move on, mate. Honestly, I think nobody cares anymore. Sheesh. It’s been two whole friggin’ years!!! Save yourself a lot of indecisiveness by keeping your love thoughts to yourself even just for a day, and then just post it in your wall if its final. If you say you’re done, please make sure you’re REALLY done.  Stop making yourself look pathetic. Trust me, he’s not checking your account. (mean!!!)

2. The HEAD-OVER- HEELS INLOVE: Ok, so I don’t know If I’m just jealous of them but because I’m irritated, I’ll say I’m not. I have this friend who dedicates every facebook-waking moment posting about/to her lover. Some people think it’s sweet, but hell. Naaalibadbaran talaga ko! Ok, I get it, everyone gets it. It’s like your whole life revolves on that aspect alone. Sigh. Too love-drunk, you can’t beat that.

3. The NON-STOP PLAYER: Ohhh, this is what I hate the most! People who can’t move on from playing Farmville and other facebook-related games. This includes my mom. AAArrgg!! My news feed is being bombarded with fertilizer and neighbor requests. GET OVER IT!!!

4. The ENTREPRENEUR:  People who tag other people for products such as korean clothes, accessories, perfume etc etc.

5. The FANATIC: Where the hell do these young people find these outrageous fan pages such as:
Why has facebook dwindled into this sorry state of language?

That’s all I can think of now. Wheewww. My irritability has lessened since I was able to let it all out on those 5 types of FB users. Since I’m hating my facebook, I deleted most of the stuff that was originally there, like some photo albums, links, notes and personal information. If my irritability doesn’t improve in the next couple of days, there may be a probability that I’ll be deactivating my account. Again. Until the need for socializing bites me once again, facebook will be written last on my cyber-list.

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