After Dinner thoughts.

I went a little overboard with cooking dinner for the family a while ago. I told my mom I’ll just cook a simple cordon bleu, but I ended up making stir fried rice, authentic crab and corn soup, baked cordon bleu roll ups and I even threw in fruit salad for dessert, as you can see on the following pictures:

It feels like THE LAST dinner right before you will be sentenced to death. Haha. Well, with my plans (refer to prior post) waiting to unfold, it does feel as such.

Cooking tonight failed to provide the relaxation it usually gives me. I guess I’ve been down in the dumps lately, and food’s not enough to carry me out of that sad stupor. Gahh, I just need some MAJOR changes. I’m seriously considering Debbie’s offer to just get out of the metro, ride a provincial bus and just go somewhere unknown with absolutely no plan at hand.

Or I can just accept the opportunities to work abroad. It never really entered my mind to work overseas. Its not that I need to, I’m perfectly fine with my current job. I just need something different, and maybe a totally new environment. I don’t have anything holding me back – I know I can live without my family as I’ve proven studying in Laguna, I have no romantic relations that might stop me from doing so,  I can just practically bring my dog with me and I’m all OK. Come to think of it, I guess I just don’t have any pending plans left here. After I’m done patching up all of my broken promises, I know, deep in my heart, I’m done. Am I subconsciously detaching myself from my life here? Now that’s scary.

Let’s see what will happen after I finished with my prior agenda, things may still change after that.

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