Pasta All You Can @ PenPen Restaurant

I think Ping Medina thought I was one of his fan girls yesterday when we tried that Pasta All You Can Promo in his restaurant. Hihi, well maybe I was, but he was just sooooo dreamy! I was so excited when Rica texted us while we were on our way that Ping was indeed there.Continue reading “Pasta All You Can @ PenPen Restaurant”

Food Trip 25: PenPen Restaurant

There’s only a couple of men that comes to mind when I say yummy…there’s Johnny Depp,Derek Ramsey and this guy: Ping Medina is <3, such a splitting image of his father!  I have heard of his venture into the food business from Gail a few months/year back. I remember checking their multiply site then too.Continue reading “Food Trip 25: PenPen Restaurant”

Food Trip 24: Chocolate Fire

 I really should start scrimping on money in preparation for my Northern Adventure with Debbie this coming November, but I just can’t say no whenever someone wants to tag me along to a restaurant I’ve never been before. There’s just too many temptations, and what greater temptation is there than chocolates? Oohh  la la! ThisContinue reading “Food Trip 24: Chocolate Fire”

Revisitng Little Tokyo

I’ve been writing about food for almost two years now, and if you’ve been doing something for such a long time, you tend you develop little practices and traits along the way. As for me, one thing I never do is to go back to restaurants that I’ve already blogged about. Revisits never appealed toContinue reading “Revisitng Little Tokyo”