Pasta All You Can @ PenPen Restaurant

I think Ping Medina thought I was one of his fan girls yesterday when we tried that Pasta All You Can Promo in his restaurant. Hihi, well maybe I was, but he was just sooooo dreamy! I was so excited when Rica texted us while we were on our way that Ping was indeed there. I practically ran towards the restaurant, but I just froze when I saw him, engrossed infront of his laptop. I didn’t even muster enough courage to ask him for a photo. Oh well, I’ll just dine there every month so I will be able to see him. Haha talk about stalking!

This was also the time Jean and I finally got to see each other, after a few gimiks of being apart. Our schedules just won’t match this couple of months. It was really nice seeing her again, because we always have a good laugh when we’re together.

@Technohub w/o her
@ Califonia Pizza Kitchen w/o me!

 Like what I was saying, we tried that Pasta All You Can Promo at PenPen Restaurant. With the price of only P265 for the pasta buffet and an additional P30 for the bottomless iced tea, you really can’t go wrong!

Since its in buffet style, you get to customize what you eat. You can go whole wheat, angel hair, penne or spaghetti for the pasta. After that you can choose from the 8 sauces available. My favorites were Beef Morcon with Chorizo and Pinoy Veggie in Pili Oil. There were also a lot of toppings available too like chili flakes, garlic chips, olive oil, vinegar etc.
I think I went back 5 times trying different combinations before finally giving up. Hehe.

And because I love Ping, I’ll shamelessly plug PenPen to anyone who’s in search for an affordable yet filling, as well as adventurous filipino style-gastronomic trip with their friends. You might even get to see my Ping when you’re there, but don’t get any funny ideas ok, he’s mine. LOL.

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