I wanted to do a lot of things right now, go to Corregidor, dine at those interesting restaurants, get another tattoo…The problem why I haven’t gotten around to actually doing them is because lately all of my friends are busy doing their own stuff.  What’s the fun in traveling or eating when your alone right? I’m tempted to bring my sister or mom but I know I’ll just end up paying for both of them. Haha. Times are tough, family. Sorry.

I can actually hear my ex coworker shouting at my ears: “get a boyfriend!” I’d like to think I’ve gotten over that stage wherein I enter into a relationship mainly because I wanted to get by. I want to think I’m better than that already. That’s why I always decline invitations from people who I know have other things in mind than a “coffee” or a “movie” with me. I’m just not ready for any emotional investment. Hihi. Well, if the invitation came from “that person”,I can probably make an exemption. Hahaha. Ugh. I really hate it when I’m crushing on someone.

So anyway, one thing I learned is to never wallow in your current sorry state. Since I can’t find anyone to accompany me on any of the things I wanted to do, I decided to imprison myself at the spa all day yesterday. I did all the works-and God it was soo good. Everyone should do it, honestly. Heaven on earth. I even had my eyelash extensions maintained, see:

 Haha. Am I vain or what? I’m such a pretty, pretty butterfly!

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An Enthusiast of Life

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