Postman to Heaven 2009

I’ve been watching a lot of movies and sitcoms these past few weeks. If its not on the big screen or cable tv, usual routine would be my sister or I will download it via torrent within the day then I would watch it when I get back from work. I’ll stay up maybe until 11 before I call it a night.

It was only recently that I was able to catch up with some popular movies such as The Social Network, Horrible Bosses, Friends with Benefits, Amelie etc etc. so thankfully I am not totally ignorant anymore. The more I watch, the more I resolve never to repeat movies more than twice, I’d rather spend it watching a movie I’ve never seen before, an act that will definitely help broaden my horizon.

Thus the reasoning behind Postman to Heaven, a 2009 korean movie.

I’m not a fan of Korean Pop. The only Korean people I’m familiar with are Gyu Jun Pyo and Jan Di of Boys Over Flowers – that’s it. I never did understand where our sudden interest in Korea  came from really. I just woke up one day, tuned in at MTV and there it was, korean pop music invasion. I give those male koreans kudos though for their awesome fashion sense. They are the only male species I know who can wear tights without looking totally gay.

Going back, Postman to Heaven’s story line is a bit complicated.

According to legend, there was a red mailbox wherein you can send letters to someone who died. A postman – an angel they say – comes and picks up the letters and delivers them to Heaven so your departed can read it.

There’s this heart-broken girl who had written such an offending letter to her dead scorned lover that the angel postman was instructed, by God I’m assuming, to hire and tag along his mission. Aside from picking up the letters, the postman would also try to solve each writer’s unfinished business with the dead. Some stories that I recall were: a troubled grandfather who wants to know if his son was really his (after reading a love letter addressed to his late wife) and a father who regrets not having enough time with his son (who died on a plane crash). The two were able to help these cases with the help of a scoundrel-inventor who made a fake paternity test for the grandfather and a fake recording of the dead son supposedly forgiving his father for not being there.

Along the way, the postman and the girl falls in love with each other, but the catch was, the postman can only be seen by a person who still has an unfinished business with the dead. The more the girl falls in love with him, the more she moves on from her past heartache – and slowly the postman fades until he fully vanished.

The moment he was gone, the girl went back to their headquarters and found a letter written by the postman. In the letter he explained his past, how bad he was in his past life and how she had changed him for the better.

Meanwhile in Heaven, God was talking to the postman, informing him that his mission was complete and he can now go back to his real body, which in reality was in a coma for two weeks because of a car accident. He asked if he will be able to remember the girl (and vice versa) once he’s back on earth, but God said he was asking too much already.

I won’t spill the ending for a little mystery. hehe. Its for you to find out.

Anyway, I’m really glad I’ve decided to watch movies beyond my comfort zone, it really is a great revelation. But let’s not get carried away ok. Horror/Thriller/ Suspense are still blacklisted on my list. I can still remember my Exorcist attempt last Christmas and those sleepless nights after. Brrr. There are things that I am definitely not willing to explore anymore. hehe. 

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