50 Shades of Grey

Hopping on the literary bandwagon and to stay true to my June listography, I decided to download the current New York Times bestselling fiction, Fifty Shades of Grey written by british author E.L. James. Its the first installment of a trilogy (what’s with trilogy nowadays, eh?), the  other two volumes rightfully entitled Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. I’ve read somewhere that this was mainly written as a fan-fiction for Twilight, I had my inhibitions at first since I abhor Stewart’s acting and wasn’t looking forward to meeting another all-I-need-is-you-or-I-will-die protagonist. Thankfully its nothing like Twilight, those who insist that the two are alike are complete morons. Unlike Bella, the female protagonist here does have some depth and character apart from the relationship she has with the male entity.

Anyhoo, the  book follows the relationship of a college graduate Anastacia Steele and a rich mogul named Christian Grey. What made it controversial is it deals with erotic scenes about BDSM, or for those who are ignorant like me before I finished the book: BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. I for one, see this book as a revelation. hehe. Its different since it will take you deep within the world of dominance and submissiveness, and can even give you an idea why some people are into that kind of ..er.. pleasure. One can easily follow the story since its narrated using Ana’s point of view, who in this book, has never had any form of relation, sexual that is, with men before. She meets rich, handsome but f**cked up Grey and boom- a whole new world where she discovers her own sexuality and tries to deal with the fact that she had completely fallen for a guy who has a playroom called the Red Room of Pain.
As with any good writers, James was able to form endearing characters – you’ll even find affinity for Grey, as  troubled as he may seem. I like the witty emails they throw back and forth – its just too cute. My only problem was the writer’s use of “inner goddess” to describe Ana’s sexual urge. Sheesh, its making me cringe just thinking about it. I hate the euphemism, inner goddess? Inner Goddess. I will never get used to that phrase. hahaha.
This book was nicknamed Mommy Porn, and with good reason. Haha. Its just page after page of erotic situations that a typical woman usually fantasize about. SNL and Ellen were quick to make hilarious parodies about it:

The book ends with Ana ending things with Grey, but since I hate any form of suspense, I researched and it looks like they have reconciled with the second and third book, which I’ve already downloaded  but had no plans of reading until a few days or so (I still have a lot on my June list). I think Fifty Shades: Freed as a title of the 3rd volume is a dead giveaway already anyway, all I needed to do was to confirm it via spoilers. Hehe.

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