There’s really not much to blog about. You see, I’ve been obsessed with budgeting and saving money since August. I shied away from anything that might oblige me to spend, and well, come to think of it, all the “fun” things I did before always involved money – which includes but not limited to dining out, travelling and shopping. Are we really that dependent on cash to make us happy?! Remind me to come up with activities that involves NOT spending a cent.

Frugality is not easy. There are a lot of times I get so sad, complaining to anyone who’s willing to listen. But of course, my goal keeps me going. It gets easier when you change your point of view when it comes to these things. Another up-side is that my work hasn’t let me down completely, I sometimes get to travel out of town for my events. Aside from my dog, my life’s highlights for the past few months has been my work. Pathetic, eh. hehe.

One event which just wrapped up(thankfully)  last Wednesday was ICCOS Asia. Last Sunday I had to pick one international delegate from China. Being a hospitable Filipino, I decided to tour her around Manila for the afternoon since its her first time in the country. I was in elementary when I last went to Luneta, Intramuros and the National Museum, so I somehow got to enjoy this activity even if it meant not having a rest-day. Despite Manila’s overpopulation and pollution, there are still a lot of places you can go for a dose of Filipino history, cuisine and culture  I never really given enough credit to how unique our jeeps and kalesa rides are, and seeing just how different they are through a foreigner’s perspective is quite refreshing.

at Barrio Fiesta
Taste of the Philippines: Sinigang na Baboy
Taste of the Philippines: Kare-Kare
Taste of the Philippines: Adobo
National Museum

Manila Cathedral
San Agustin Church


Manila Bay sunset

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