Do You Revel In Your Child’s Ordinariness?

Shefali Tsabary’s The Conscious Parent book is a revelation. It offers a different approach to raising your child in this modern age. Actually, this book does not focus on the child, but on the parent: explaining how a parent’s upbringing, attitude and outlook affects his child. This book will force the parent to really lookContinue reading “Do You Revel In Your Child’s Ordinariness?”

Beeffalo Marikina

2015’s starting out very well for me. I feel energized and motivated. I’m even even finding time to do stuff I loved doing before, like this one – food blogging. I’m also excited that I have my own “crew” to join me on my adventures, namely my husband and daughter. LOL. We’ve dined in aContinue reading “Beeffalo Marikina”