Grab Complaint PH

Ok, let me just say this first – I prefer ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab than just calling a taxi on the road. It’s much more convenient, safe and you can even apply promo codes that slashes your bill in half. After years of experiencing rude and greedy taxi drivers, Uber and Grab can be considered  heaven sent.

I usually go with Uber even if they have higher prices and surges – mainly because I like their branding hahaha. I only started with Grab since I needed to use their Grab Express Delivery – which is great by the way! I used one to pick up an item from McKinley Hill and it arrived in about 30 minutes. LBC can’t beat that.

Anyway, Here’s what happened: Last night I was booking a Grab car for my mother in law. Uber was pretty high that time because it was rush hour and a Friday. Grab was a bit lower so we went with Grab.

I successfully booked a trip and the app informed me that the driver was on his way. I checked the GPS and saw that he was just at Rosa Alvero, which is actually just a block away from us. We went downstairs and waited for his arrival. After some time I noticed that he wasn’t moving. I messages him repeatedly asking where he was and I received no reply. I checked the roads to see if it was just congested – but everything was flowing smoothly. From that moment on I knew he was just waiting for me to cancel.

I’m not sure if there’s a fee for cancelling, I checked Grab site and it was pretty useless. So I didn’t cancel. Hahaha. We just booked an Uber for my MIL, which arrived in no more than 5 minutes. An hour has passed and the Grab driver still wasn’t cancelling, and the app still shows he’s still in Rosa Alvero.

Since I have time to spare, haahah I just let it be. My husband was telling me to let it go and just hit the cancel button, but I didn’t want to back down. I mean, let the driver cancel so the cancellation request will be on his side, not mine. My husband was telling me maybe the driver got into an accident or something, I said then why not just reply to me and cancel the booking eh? I’m not as trusting as my husband – I’ve been a commuter ever since no! I mean, why won’t the driver just cancel  and book someone else? Why waste everyone’s time?

So hours passed hahaah I think it was around 10pm when I last checked and the driver was still “on his way”. I fell asleep after that.

Today when I woke up I saw the trip was already cancelled. Haahha. Awwww.

I already lodged a complaint, but based from multiple sources, I believe Grab help center sucks, so I’m not really expecting for this to get resolved. I’m not even sure what Aurelio’s reason for cancelling was – maybe he tagged me as no show? Grab website really really sucks I tell you, no information at all – it caters more for the driver and not the passenger’s welfare.

So dear Aurelio Phelps Delos Santos who’s driving a brown Mitsubishi Adventure AQA9184, I was willing to go all night, why did you cancel on me? Haahhaha. It was fun while it lasted, till we meet again. XOXO. Hahahah.

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