Fake News Again.

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen this photo shared a couple of times in your feed:

I don’t know her personally, not even a fan. I just know her as one of the personalities from EDSA Revolution 1 – that’s it.

I saw this image 2 days ago. It was shared by a schoolmate in high school..together with her hateful comment towards the person in the photo. When I first saw the image, I thought why would someone support a terrorist group? So I took the time to check news sources – CNN, Inquirer, GMA, and many more just so I can see  – maybe she was just misquoted. But lo and behold, I saw absolutely NOTHING about this. No headlines. No interviews. No footages. Nothing. Nada.

So I asked my schoolmate if it was real because I saw no verifiable source. Naturally, I received no reply.  Typical. And again today, I saw an ex officemate share the same photo, but from a different Facebook page . I asked  him too if it was real.

Because I was receiving no answers from these people, I checked Inquirer again.  And you know what I found?


In short – that image is fake. But you know what really bothered me? Look at all these hateful comments below.

And that is just one screenshot – I scrolled other comments and ALL of them are hateful – tanga, gaga, abnormal are just a few words. Everyone was quick to hate, but no one took the time to verify if the photo was true. 
This culture of fake news that we’re in now really bothers me. It’s sickening. 
I’ll be correcting anyone who’ll be sharing that image again in my feed. It’s the only way I can help stop this fake news from propagating. But what else can I do? It already went viral. Hay. 

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