Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, UP Town Center

I’ve seen a lot of restaurants open, some of them grandiosely,  only to close in a span of few months here in Katipunan. There’s just too many competition and if you’re not offering something really good and worth the money, then don’t expect your restaurant to survive. It’s a dog eats dog world out here…well I think same goes for other food hotspots in the Metro.

I was already living in this part of town when the first strip of UP Town Center opened up, I remember it was just one building then – somewhat like Technohub – Imagine my happiness when the main mall building opened up behind that..then the other annexes followed through (all of this happened in about 4 years).  I’ve seen a lot of restaurants come and go here as well. There are also a lot of restaurants that were so in demand at the beginning, only to lose steam afterwards.

One restaurant that surprisingly isn’t losing steam is Silantro. Ever since I always wondered why there were a lot of people lining up to eat there. We did tried to dine once, but we missed our name being called so we lost our spot. We even tried going there at dead hours, like 10am or 2pm, but the long line is still there! Are the other branches like this as well?

Yesterday we finally strengthened our resolve and line up patiently. I told my husband not to leave his spot anymore, haha. I was surprised when he texted me that he was already inside (Win and I were buying something). When we came up I was even more so surprised when the food was already there.  Talk about fast service!

It was my husband who ordered, so as you can see majority are beef items. LOL. I left him one time in the grocery and when I came back all of our raw meat items are beef. That’s just who he is.

Beef Nachos P180 
Silantro’s Burrito P180

I think this is the Macho Lucha Steak P460

Silantro’s Pork Ribs P310

Servings huge and I think their pricing is fair as well. Food’s really, really good – considering that I ate a snack before so I wasn’t too hungry that time. It’s no wonder why this place is still a hit. I would definitely come back to this place even if you need to wait a bit to be seated. Totally worth it! Maybe the only down side is that there’s just too many people, I feel like I just can’t wind down and relax – especially when I see there’s a lot of people waiting to be sitted outside. Guilt, perhaps? LOL.

I hope Win grows out of her Jollibee burger steak and Ramen Nagi butao obsession soon- as of now that’s all she wants to eat whenever she’s in UP Town so she missed out on Silantro. That’s her while waiting for us to finish so we can go to Jollibee. Ain’t she the cutest thing?!

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