30 Ain’t So Bad

I remember my birthday last year I was feeling a bit down, thinking that I was getting older but haven’t really done something exciting for a while. I promised myself I’ll come up with something a bit more special on my next birthday. I figured I’m about to exit the calendar so might as well go out with a bang.

Boracay was my top option since its child-friendly and there are a lot of restaurants where I can hold my “special” birthday dinner. My freelance work has also been lucrative so it was also a chance for me to book a more luxurious hotel for us three. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened to my “Cheers to 30 years” celebration:

I chose Henann Lagoon Resort in Station 2 for the first 2 nights, then we moved to Henann Prime Resort in Station 1 on our 3rd.

Henann Lagoon Resort is located along Boracay’s main road. It wasn’t a front beach property – maybe about a 5-minute walk – but it wasn’t an issue at all. It’s sister company, Henann Regency, is located at the front beach so all other Henann properties can hang out there (as long as you have the Henann towel). You don’t even have to walk to Lagoon to Regency and vice versa since you can just request for their golf cart service to pick you up to and fro. Easy breezy.

We decided to move to Henann Prime Resort on our last day just so we can experience Station 1. In all honesty I prefer Station 2 simply because all the fast food chains and typical restaurants are there – which means it was easier for us to buy food for Win.  As you know, preschoolers have a very limited palate – they would rather have chicken joy or Tender Juicy hotdogs than that costly hotel food.  I also noticed Henann Regency’s front beach is also bigger than that of Henann Prime. Well technically no one “owns” the front beach haha, but you still get that kind of exclusivity since hotels indirectly imply ownership of the space through their beach lounge seats.

In terms of design and layout, rooms in both Henann properties look the same. Prime’s a bit more luxurious, though. Or maybe because we booked a Premiere room there as opposed to Lagoon’s Deluxe. If you pay more, you can book rooms on the ground  floor that has a door leading straight to the impressive pool. I didn’t splurged THAT much, haha. We were OK with staying on the second floor for both properties.

Henann Lagoon’s Deluxe room

Henann Prime’s Premier room
Henann Lagoon
One side of Henann Prime’s pool

Travelling with Win has changed the way I travelled. Before it was OK for me to rough it out a bit, but now that I have a child in tow I try to make everything as comfortable and laid back as possible. I leave ample time so Win can rest, eat and take afternoon naps. This Boracay trip is no exception. I think we just spend majority of the time just by the beach or by the pool. Well, that’s what you’re supposed to do in Boracay anyway, right?

Henann Lagoon

On the second day, we rented a boat to explore Puka Beach, go snorkeling, and try cliff diving. I’m happy I’ve been able to do the 3 meter high cliff dive, but that’s it. Haha.  Don’t expect me to try the 5m or 10m jump. I chose to wear a life vest in fear of not being able to swim up once I hit the water. Once is enough, at least I can say I did it. 🙂

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This trip was also a great way for me to show off the result of my “Fit at 30” program. Haha.


Such awkward face for all three photos, I know I know. I guess I’m no model material. Hahah.

All in all I’d have to say my 30th birthday was quite memorable. Bragging aside, I can honestly say that I’m truly blessed at this stage of my life. I have a beautiful and healthy family, we can afford luxuries and travels from time to time, I have freelance work that I enjoy and compensate well, and I have friends, albeit few, that I get to chat and hang out. My only wish would be, if possible, is for everything to stay as perfect as this moment. Please, God?

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