Majayjay Adventure

One of my parenting goals is to (safely) expose Win to as many places, experiences and people as possible. I think exposing my child and letting her experience things is one of the best ways to teach her about the world she lives in. Through that hopefully I can raise an empathic, knowledgeable and well-rounded person.

Win is also at an age wherein she is starting to question everything. You know in movies wherein kids are often portrayed as annoying since they ask “why” a million times? Haha. I don’t see it is annoying though. On the contrary, I find it quite delightful. It’s so wonderful just how curious a child can be! She actually asked me a few weeks ago why we can’t have a horse and a pig as a pet. Lol.

I’ve been planning to bring her to the zoo ever since that question. Fortunately, my mom who’s back in the PH for a few weeks planned for something similar – a day tour in Costales Nature Farms! Actually, the trip was planned more for my sister and his Italian hubby who’s also in the PH for a few weeks, but who am I pass up the opportunity, haha. I figured this is another memorable activity for Win so we joined.

I couldn’t recommend Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay enough! It is really a wonderful agri-tourism spot wherein you can try living the life of a farmer for a day or two. Win was able to harvest fruits, plant seedlings and feed farm animals. This city kid even tried fishing! Another tour bonus is the side trip to the freezing waters of Majayjay falls, which is also a big hit for Win. As a mom, you live for those moments wherein you see your kid so happy and excited – and this place didn’t disappoint. So if you are looking for an outdoor activity for your kid, check out the tours Costales has to offer.

This is not a paid post by the way, lol.

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