I remember I was only 45 kilos before pregnancy, it was a time of my life wherein I was really into working out and eating right. My officemates have been saying just how stick thin I am then, but screw them. Haha. A year ago before that they were saying how chubby I was! I think 45 kilos is the right weight for me – I recall feeling good about myself -lean, mean and strong.

But as you know, pregnancy changes everything. Haha. Exclusively breastfeeding has been a tremendous help in controlling my weight.  I’ve been eating like an elephant day and night but was still able to maintain my weight between 50-55kg. However, I wasn’t aware that something was about to destroy this harmonious relationship: weaning. Win weaning from the breast means that the amount of food I’ve been consuming before will not work anymore. Haha. I haven’t been really careful – it was around  2016 when I have ballooned out of control. Well, in my defense: it wasthe same time when I was working late nights doing freelance work. I needed food to sustain me in the wee hours of the morning.

Came 2017, I’ve become so driven into shedding those pounds away – I started working out, running long distances, and I even took the time to prepare my meals for the week. My dedication paid off and I’ve seen amazing results in just 3 months:

But after my Boracay birthday trip last July, I started letting go again hehe. Sadly I think I’m back to where I was in 2016.  It’s just hard to get back into the game once you fell of the wagon! The high price of healthy food choices here in the PH is one reason. Do you know how much a single orange cost here?? Another reason is that balancing is just hard for a working mom like me. I was able to focus on working out earlier in the year because I’ve put freelancing in the backburner, but I just couldn’t afford not prioritizing it any longer. I started working late nights again and relying on food to keep me going. Aside from being heavy, I was again sickly, moody and just plain exhausted.

I knew I needed to do something about this weight dilemma (again, haha), but I was missing my motivation.

The motivation took shape in the form of my college friends. I think all of us were complaining just how heavy we are in general. Haha. Going through all those rants gave me an idea – why not use this collective frustration as motivation to actually take action?

Thus, our Biggest Loser challenge was born!


I have started preparing my meals and doing my workouts again. I know it will take a few more weeks for other people to see any significant weight loss, but in just one week of eating right and working out, I can already feel the difference. I feel more energized, more focused and definitely stronger than before.

I promise to be more consistent this time around. Wish me luck!

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