Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Day 1

I really got lucky with Win. Ever since she was a baby, I never really had serious problems with her – a healthy, attentive and good natured child who loves to laugh and learn. Although, I think she will be, scratch that – she is a smart-mouth. Haha. I have no right to complain on that one knowing she inherited it from me. :p 
Some say that we going to another country at Win’s age is pointless since she will just forget about it when she gets older. What they fail to realize is that its not the recall that I’m after, but rather the bond the travel will create between Win and us – her parents. I also notice that she retains more information when she experiences it as compared to  me just saying it to her. Not only that, travelling for me is a great way for me to teach Win about resiliency and adaptability. I once saw a quote: If experience is the best teacher, then travel is the best classroom. I wholeheartedly believe that. 
So for her 4th birthday W and I decided to bring her to Hongkong! 
Our arrival flight was scheduled late in the afternoon, so that day I know we only have time to travel from hk airport to our hotel in the Tsim Sha Tsui area. However, I was originally expecting to arrive in our hotel around 730 pm, but the actual time was 9:30. You know why? Here’s why: QUEUES. 
1. HK immigration queue was long, line was moving, but it was still long. 
2. Win’s stroller took a long time to be released in the baggage carousel. We always travel light as a rule in order to avoid those usually long baggage queues. For this flight we have no baggages checked in but decided to bring a stroller since we know we’ll be doing a lot of walking here. However, people from Cebupac informed us that strollers were not allowed inside the cabin so they have to store it below. 
3. The queue in the octopus card ticketing booth was long. 
4. The 3G sim card we rented for this trip took a while to be configured correctly. 
By the time we finish with all those long lines, we were so hungry we decided to just eat in Mcdonalds nside the aiport, which also had a line of its own. I think it was already 8:30 when we boarded the A21 bus that will take us to our hotel. That trip was comfortable, but it will still take us about an hour to Shamrock Hotel. 
Thankfully Win is not a difficult child to handle during trips like this. She fell asleep while we on the bus and woke up when we got to the hotel – asking if it was time for us to head to Disneyland lol. 

Here’s a video I made documenting our arrival in “Kongkong” (That’s how Win calls it).

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