Quarantine Cravings

It’s safe to say that everyone was caught off-guard with just how this new strain of virus have changed, and is continually changing, our way of life. I never imagine I’ll be experiencing a pandemic in my lifetime – albeit multiple scientists already predicting such a predicament for years now. The reality of it is just…nerve-wracking. Suddenly going out is dangerous and staying in has been one of the impositions that can save lives.

As bougie as it sounds, one of the biggest challenges I am facing this quarantine is not being able to dine out. As a work-from-home mom, my weekdays are predominantly spent juggling motherhood and freelance work. The only highlight of my week (when I don’t have travel plans) is when weekend comes around and I can finally go out and eat. That aspect of my life is gone, now and for the foreseeable future. I can’t even go out to do the grocery shopping myself (a relaxing endeavor for me as well) – since my husband is the only one with the quarantine pass. It’s been a disaster I tell you, to say the least. To top it all off, we’ve been living in the province for a year now where food deliveries are almost non-existent. There are days when cravings are just too strong and I end up missing Manila’s accessibility.

Looking at the bright side in all of these, at least this quarantine has put a reign on my unnecessary spending on food. LOL. I tried recreating some of my cravings just to get by..so in a way its been manageable. But there’s still a lot of stuff I want to try to recreate..glazed donuts, tonkotsu ramen, cake.. but unfortunately I can’t complete the ingredients list here in Tarlac. If only I can cross over Clark Pampanga where there’s a larger selection..but as you know that’s out of the equation during this quarantine period.

So for now I’m leaving you with images of the stuff I’ve managed to do the past few weeks of quarantining. My best work would probably be the gyoza because I even made the wrapper from scratch…and it tastes exactly like the ones from Ramen Nagi!

Ugh now I miss ramen.

*Sorry about the pathetic rant lol..I know other people have it worse. I promise we’ve been pretty strict with quarantine in our household because the least we can do to help our brave frontliners is to not add to the statistics. 🙂

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