Food Blog # 3: Heaven N’ Eggs

(Sorry Gail, inunahan na kita! hehe)

I’ve heard of this restaurant a long time ago, but it was only when Gail posted it on her blog contest that I took the time to search the net on what this restaurant was all about.

Heaven N’ Eggs is primarily a breakfast food place focusing on pancakes and eggs, available all through out the day. They do have other food choices like steaks, sandwiches, rice meals and wraps for lunches and dinners. I think the original outlet is at Glorietta? Or is it where it became famous? Anyway, I found out that they have just opened a branch at TriNoma last December.

Since that mall is just an MRT away, I hurriedly texted my high school friends Romie Joy and Jeane to accompany me on yet another gluttony fest 🙂

FootClub forever! Jeane and Romie Joy 🙂

The theme of the restaurant is al fresco, and I didn’t mean it in a true sense. It’s an imitation of the outdoors, with a lamp post at the center of the room, cloud-painted walls, bench-like seats with taxi signs on them (biyaheng langit daw,haha) and a porch that suggests that you are dining right in front of a house. Some of the waiters are wearing angel wings.

HnE Interior

I heard that they charge 8% for the service fee, so I made sure to make the most out of it. The crew was very accommodating and very friendly, even though I kept on asking them for extra menus, refills and other requests. But after looking at the receipt, I saw that they have increased that charge to 10%!!! That’s a frickin P93! Hell, I should have had asked them to clean my house too.

For the food, I ordered their bestseller, the Manila spareribs which costs P385 . My pick already includes a choice between a salad or soup (I chose the soup: crabmeat n’ bacon), 2 pieces of dulce de leche pancakes and a bottomless iced tea. I also heard that the serving was good for two people. When I got my plate, I already knew that I can finish the meal on my own, which I did by the way. Who the hell did I got that information (portions were huge) from? The serving was just enough for one, for me that is. hehe. My friends finished theirs on their own too, so I guess my judgment’s right.

Dulce de Leche Pancakes
Crabmeat N’ Bacon Soup

The spareribs was so tender that it falls right off the bones. It’s very tasty as well.
The soup was watery, I’m not a big fan but it will do, while my dulce de leche pancakes are divine 🙂

Jeane ordered the Clemenzas Meatball pasta (P295). It has 2 huge meatballs and 2 slices of garlic bread. The pasta is very italian, meaning its a bit sour for the filipino taste.

I ordered Romie (hehe) to get the Jackson Five pancakes(P165). Its only now that I realized why they call it as such. I guess that’s Michael on the top. Haha!

They have these different pancake syrup flavors too. The first one is the peach. I didn’t like it because it tasted like cough medicine. The third on the row is the coconut syrup which is quite interesting. You know the coconut oil that we commonly use for massages? Well, that’s how the coconut syrup tastes like, only sweeter. There’s also the typical maple and coffee syrup. I like the coffee one the most. 🙂

Well, that’s it. The place is cozy, the waiting time short and unlike other restaurants, the food at Heaven N’ Eggs are very filling. But its a bit pricey and the service charge is very unreasonable.

I would definitely go back to this place, but only if somebody else would pay for it.

**Click here for their TriNoma branch menu

Heaven N’ Eggs
1st Floor (Space 1140)
TriNoma Mall

Food Blog # 2: Butter Diner

This place commanded a lot of attention with its opening a few years ago, being featured at numerous TV shows, online blogs and newspapers. I remember seeing it when it had just opened but I wasn’t able to try it then.
So today I decided to go and try their food.
Butter Diner is of course patterned from the diners common in the US. The food is also what you can expect from a real diner: cheeseburgers, waffles, sodas, beers, and steaks. But this particular version at the Araneta Center was designed to be a bit more upscale than the typical diner.

When you enter this place, the 50s theme is very evident with waitresses wearing the standard diner-waitress frocks, walls covered top to bottom with pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn etc and old posters from the 50s. They even have retro appliances and knick knacks like toasters and mini-jukeboxes.They also have a cool comic wall telling the whole Butter Diner history. Their paper placemats are small replicas of that wall so you don’t have to stare at the wall to read the comic strip.

Hm. How can I put this lightly..
Before, the place seemed so enticing, I can even recall their waitresses wearing white afro wigs.But now, everything looks so shabby and dirty; like it had been neglected. The air conditioning unit as well as their ceiling looks filthy, the menu tattered and their waiters tired and uninterested. Yes, real diners are like that if you really think about it, but as I’ve said, this one was made to cater to a more urbanized crowd(its located at the center of the Araneta Center, for heaven’s sake!). Maybe I was just expecting a bit more, given all the positive reviews I have read about them.

So for the food:

 We ordered rootbeer floats to stay true with the diner theme. The taste is nothing special, in fact, it tasted exactly like the one we made for Christmas last year. The price is about 70?, which in my opinion is reasonable enough.Pwede na.

I ordered the All-American burger with fries. Let me just say that the fries were overdone. The burger was OK, but I tasted better burgers before, specifically the Wham burgers(Oh how I love Wham!) or even Burger King. This costs about 130+, still reasonable because of its huge burger patty.

My sister ordered macaroni and cheese. It tasted nothing like macaroni and cheese! Hello, that’s not even macaroni but penne! All we were able to savor was this vegetable-like taste reminiscent of our mother’s cooking. I hate it actually, so its price (100+?) was  quite unreasonable.

 The fries are just the type that you can buy at any grocery store. Again, I tasted better fries than that. KFC offers much more I believe.

So for my verdict: Their food is affordable, and definitely plus points for the cool retro theme. But I think you’re better off eating at Wendy’s(there’s a Wendy’s branch just a couple of steps from Butter Diner). Maybe the diner’s breakfast menu is better, I’d have to go there again and give this place a chance to redeem itself.

* Butter Diner
G/F Shopwise Arcade
Araneta Center

Food Blog # 1: Chaikofi-The Concept Cafe

Instead of staying at home and cursing the whole world because I’m dateless this Valentines Day, I decided to go out and date myself.
Well, I’m not exactly alone. My mom and sister went with me too because they needed to pick up a dress for my sister’s upcoming prom.
So the three of us headed to Galleria a little after lunch hour, ditching two things:
a) my second cousin’s birthday pool party and
b)my high school friends at Trinoma

Anyway, this blog isn’t really about me but about Chaikofi Cafe where we had our merienda.
I think I’ll turn this site into a food blog, since I love food and I like writing about food. So from now on, I’ll go around the Metro and try to discover new (or even old) places to eat, then I’ll share my experiences with you like a guide of some sort!

So going back, we had our merienda at Chaikofi.

That’s my mom and lil sis

What I like about this place is it’s ingenious layout, a true stand-out. They literally don’t have a ceiling but they do have walls that divide the customers from the outside world.
I also like their color scheme: everywhere you look its black and yellow(yellow cab?haha), even the crew is wearing the same palette.

I also fell in love with their light fixtures and the vases which were hanging by the window. Everything is very modern, but they were still able to maintain its cozy ambiance.

Their specialties are teas, coffees and paninis, as I found out after looking at their menu.  In fact, chai means tea and kofi is of course coffee. They also have pasta and rice for those who want to have a heavy meal.

We didn’t have to wait long for the food to come, so I’m giving them plus points for that. The crew was also very nice, but not smiling.

For drinks, I ordered the Son of a Dutch Frappe while my mom and sister ordered the Four seasons and Pomelo Tea.
The frappe was around 130+ while the teas are about 70php, very reasonable and very delish. And oh, they have these VERY COOL and CHIC tall glasses! Look!

For our food:

That’s my Crab sensation sandwich, about 150+. It’s just crab meat, onion, cucumber, lettuce and cheese between two slices of whole wheat bread, with some chips on the side. A bit pricey for a single sandwich, but very delicious.

 That’s my mom’s tuna sandwich, also around 150+. Nothing special about it but still very pricey.
My tuna melt is still the best out there, I tell you!

That’s my sister’s baked lasagna. I didn’t like this one because its very bland.
I think its about the same price as their sandwiches.

And that’s their crab and mango salad. The mayo dressing is on the sour side.The mangoes are very refreshing, but the dish is still very pricey(140+) for a single serving. A serving is about a cup?pricey pricey, tsk tsk.

So for my verdict: Definitely a must-see for the coffeeholics and teaholics out there. I assume that people really go to this cafe because of their fabulous frappes, so one can live with the prices of their sandwiches. Plus we’re also paying for the ambiance and the modernity of it all, I guess . It’s a good place to meet with friends or to rest after a stressful shopping activity. And if your fed up with Starbucks, then you can rest easy and try this one.

To cap off this entry and my day, here’s the pictures I took of Le Coeur de France’s  fruit tarts,also bought at Galleria before we went home.
Have a delicious Valentines Day everyone!

* Chaikofi – The Concept Cafe
Level 2 West Wing,
Robinson’s Galleria

* Le Coeur de France Bakery
Level 1 West Wing,
Robinson’s Galleria


It’s been a long time since I last stayed at LB for the weekend, and I almost forgot how empty the university is during this time of the week.
So I decided to take advantage of the spacious, student-free roads and the silent pathways to enjoy my solitude. I walked around leisurely, just taking it all in.
I am aware of the fact that this could be the  last time that I will be able to do this again.
But I’m not sad.
All the changes which had happened to me for the last couple of months had somewhat uprooted me from my revere.And truth be told, I’m finding less and less reasons to stay and more and more reasons to just pack my bags and leave.
I think I’m done with LB, for the meantime.

bokyang love life.

Wala munang logic-logic ok. Magpaka-bitter na tayong lahat!Bwahaha.

Mahirap makipag-break.Oo.
Pero mas mahirap kung ikaw yung hiniwalayan.Yung hindi mutual kumbaga.
Parang ikaw na ang pinaka-panget at pinaka-walang kwentang tao sa mundo. Ang saklap kung hindi mo naman talaga ine-expect tapos boom! Ayaw na pala sayo ng loko. Kahit ano pang dahilan yan, pucha. The bottom line is: iniwan ka. Ampanget mo kasi.HAHA! Joke.
Sabi nga, kung gusto, maraming paraan pero kung ayaw maraming dahilan.
Its not you, its me. Gago. Haha!

Kapag iniwan ka, ayan na ang mga malulungkot na kanta.
Andyan ang “The art of letting go”, “Until i get over you” o “I don’t wanna be your friend” kung gusto mong magdrama at mag-reminisce ng masasayang moments noong kayo pa. Minsan may mga break up songs na pilit kang pasasayahin like yung kanta ni Pink na “So What”. Ipaparamdam sayo na ok lang na iniwan ka kasi kaya mo naman. Sinong niloko mo? Haha!
Deep inside naman nagkukumahog ang damdamin mo at nagdurugo ang puso mo dahil sa pagkaka-dump sayo ni “baby”.Hindi ko sinasabing masamang makinig sa mga feel-good music. Pag inulit ulit mo namang pakinggan yun, darating din ang point na tuluyan ka nang maniniwala sa sinasabi ni Pink.

Kapag may break-up andyan na ang mga tanong ng mga kaibigan mo na Bakit? Anong nangyari? Wushu. Gusto lang nilang makichismis. Hindi. hehe. Pag wala ka nang karelasyon, dapat bumalik ka na sa mga kaibigang ni-neglect mo noong masaya ka pa sa piling ni ex. Hello. Kelangan mo ng karamay, at ang the best karamay ay ang mga kaibigan. Sa punto kasi na iyon mo mararamdaman na biglang ang dami mo nang vacant time. E wala na yung dati mong pinaggugugulan ng oras mo. So friends, I’m back from the grave!

Andyan rin ang kagustuhan mong gumanti sa nang-iwan sayo(e.g. trying to win your ex back). Maraming na-develop na strategies ukol dito.Dalawa lang ang sasabihin ko, mahirap na baka mabasa to ng mga notorious heartbreakers. :p
 Una at ang pinaka-popular na panakip butas. Maghanap ka ng iba, o kung wala kang maloko e magbayad o mangontrata ka para makakuha ng bagong love life.  Pagselos-in mo si ex, malay mo ay ma-realize nya na mali sya sa pangiiwan sayo.
Pangalawa ang beautification. haha. Magpapagupit, mag-aayos, magdiet, bumili ng bagong mga damit at magbabago ng image. Bakit? Para kapag nakita ni ex ay magsisi sya dahil iniwan ka nya. Pwede rin naman para makaakit ka ng iba at patunayan sa ex mo, pati na sa sarili mo na may asim ka pa.

Hindi nag-work? Andyan parin naman ang pinaka-original sa lahat, ang pagmamakaawa. Lumuhod ka sa ex mo at magmakaawang ibalik ka nya. Hay.

Walang fool-proof sa mga nabanggit ko. Iniwan ka na nga e, what makes you think na gusto ka pa nyang balikan?nyanyanyanyanya! >:p Panget! Haha!

Mas ok siguro kung sinabihan ka nalang nyang panget kesa sa mga to:
mahal kita PERO sagabal ka sa buhay ko…
mahal kita PERO mali tong relasyon na to…
mahal kita PERO may mas mahal akong iba…
mahal kita PERO ang sama kasi ng ugali mo…
mahal kita PERO hindi na kita matiis….

Atleast pag panget ka, wala ka nang magagawa at wala ka nang babalikan. Alangan namang sabihin mo, “wag mo ko iiwan, pramis bukas iba na mukha ko..”. Mas madali kang makakaget over pag ganon.

Dibale my dear brokenhearted friends, sabi nga nila sa mga loveless: swerti ka naman sa karer. OK nang panget, mayaman naman.


This is the longest weekend of my entire life!

I’m waiting for the arrival of my newest baby, the Nikon D60 camera I ordered at Gateway the other day. Since the store has no stock left, they have to order one from the head office. Which means I’ll have to wait till Monday for its arrival.
Arg. This waiting is so unbearable!
My impatience was very evident here in our house, and my 3-year old niece asked me a while ago:“Tita bakit mo gusto mag-Monday?”
“Kasi gusto ko na makuha yung camera ko sa gateway”
“E matagal pa yun noh”
“Bakit anong araw ba ngayon?”
“Fraturday pa lang, matagal pa ang Monday”

Haha! I love my niece.