Fake News Again.

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen this photo shared a couple of times in your feed:

I don’t know her personally, not even a fan. I just know her as one of the personalities from EDSA Revolution 1 – that’s it.

I saw this image 2 days ago. It was shared by a schoolmate in high school..together with her hateful comment towards the person in the photo. When I first saw the image, I thought why would someone support a terrorist group? So I took the time to check news sources – CNN, Inquirer, GMA, and many more just so I can see  – maybe she was just misquoted. But lo and behold, I saw absolutely NOTHING about this. No headlines. No interviews. No footages. Nothing. Nada.

So I asked my schoolmate if it was real because I saw no verifiable source. Naturally, I received no reply.  Typical. And again today, I saw an ex officemate share the same photo, but from a different Facebook page . I asked  him too if it was real.

Because I was receiving no answers from these people, I checked Inquirer again.  And you know what I found?


In short – that image is fake. But you know what really bothered me? Look at all these hateful comments below.

And that is just one screenshot – I scrolled other comments and ALL of them are hateful – tanga, gaga, abnormal are just a few words. Everyone was quick to hate, but no one took the time to verify if the photo was true. 
This culture of fake news that we’re in now really bothers me. It’s sickening. 
I’ll be correcting anyone who’ll be sharing that image again in my feed. It’s the only way I can help stop this fake news from propagating. But what else can I do? It already went viral. Hay. 

Grab Complaint PH

Ok, let me just say this first – I prefer ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab than just calling a taxi on the road. It’s much more convenient, safe and you can even apply promo codes that slashes your bill in half. After years of experiencing rude and greedy taxi drivers, Uber and Grab can be considered  heaven sent.

I usually go with Uber even if they have higher prices and surges – mainly because I like their branding hahaha. I only started with Grab since I needed to use their Grab Express Delivery – which is great by the way! I used one to pick up an item from McKinley Hill and it arrived in about 30 minutes. LBC can’t beat that.

Anyway, Here’s what happened: Last night I was booking a Grab car for my mother in law. Uber was pretty high that time because it was rush hour and a Friday. Grab was a bit lower so we went with Grab.

I successfully booked a trip and the app informed me that the driver was on his way. I checked the GPS and saw that he was just at Rosa Alvero, which is actually just a block away from us. We went downstairs and waited for his arrival. After some time I noticed that he wasn’t moving. I messages him repeatedly asking where he was and I received no reply. I checked the roads to see if it was just congested – but everything was flowing smoothly. From that moment on I knew he was just waiting for me to cancel.

I’m not sure if there’s a fee for cancelling, I checked Grab site and it was pretty useless. So I didn’t cancel. Hahaha. We just booked an Uber for my MIL, which arrived in no more than 5 minutes. An hour has passed and the Grab driver still wasn’t cancelling, and the app still shows he’s still in Rosa Alvero.

Since I have time to spare, haahah I just let it be. My husband was telling me to let it go and just hit the cancel button, but I didn’t want to back down. I mean, let the driver cancel so the cancellation request will be on his side, not mine. My husband was telling me maybe the driver got into an accident or something, I said then why not just reply to me and cancel the booking eh? I’m not as trusting as my husband – I’ve been a commuter ever since no! I mean, why won’t the driver just cancel  and book someone else? Why waste everyone’s time?

So hours passed hahaah I think it was around 10pm when I last checked and the driver was still “on his way”. I fell asleep after that.

Today when I woke up I saw the trip was already cancelled. Haahha. Awwww.

I already lodged a complaint, but based from multiple sources, I believe Grab help center sucks, so I’m not really expecting for this to get resolved. I’m not even sure what Aurelio’s reason for cancelling was – maybe he tagged me as no show? Grab website really really sucks I tell you, no information at all – it caters more for the driver and not the passenger’s welfare.

So dear Aurelio Phelps Delos Santos who’s driving a brown Mitsubishi Adventure AQA9184, I was willing to go all night, why did you cancel on me? Haahhaha. It was fun while it lasted, till we meet again. XOXO. Hahahah.

Win Goes to ELBI

I’m not like my fellow batch mates who made it their yearly mission to visit ELBI  – I remember the last time I was there I felt kind of detached, probably because majority of the people I saw were already strangers to me. I always think that its the people that makes a place memorable. Since everyone I know were already gone – I just felt like it wasn’t my place anymore. I’m not sure if my sentiments are shared by the rest, though. Maybe its just me. Yeah, I know a bunch of them who are currently residing in ELBI and have found work there.

But still – ELBI is ELBI. No matter how much my life has changed, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I learned a lot during those 5 years – not just academically. ELBI taught me to be independent and resourceful. It was also the beginning of my “exploration” back then haha. I will always think of it with fondness – a big part of who I was and a big contributor to who I am today.

If my calculations are correct (which usually aren’t – so haha), my last visit was 7 years ago. And oh boy did it changed! I mean – wtf are these buildings? LOL.

A lot of establishments that have a new facade, location or were not there before:
There’s even a CENTRO mall along grove now, can you believe it?
I took the time to visit my old dormitory, too bad I wasn’t able to see our landlady, I really wanted to see her! Although I know she doesn’t really come in during weekends. I was hoping to show Win where I used to sleep, hehe.:
It didn’t had those block fence before, and the paint used to be pink!
I know deep down, people who graduated here wish everything would stay the same as their time. But it’s stupid to think that it would. In 5 years time I know it will change drastically again – evolving, developing, improving. It’s just the way of the world -and just how everyone who’s been here should too.

A Day In The Life Of Win

You know what they say about parenthood: The days are long but the years short.

This coming school year Win will be entering Junior Nursery in a preschool inside UP. Gosh where did Time went??!! It seems just like yesterday when she was just a helpless little baby! I’m pretty ecstatic about it, but nervous too – just like any typical mom who’s got a child entering school would feel like, I suppose. Will she get along with her classmates? Will she eat properly? Will she be able to grasp the lessons?

Worries aside – My only hope is that she enjoys school, learning and everything that goes with it. I enjoyed mine, you see. School for me back then was an escape from boredom that was my home. Haha. I never really go out to hang with neighbor friends (when I was a kid my mom would always reprimand me when I go out and play, so I stayed inside until I grew up haha), and we were too poor for my parents to be able to sign me up for summer activities like swimming, art class etc. We were even too poor to have that trips outside the city.  School was the only place where I had friends and had things to do. BUT I don’t want Win to like school for those sad personal reasons I just stated haha, I’d want her to enjoy it for her own, less depressing reasons.

For me to remember this carefree moment – the days before the stress of school comes in – here’s a video I made documenting a day in her life. You’ve got a long way to go, kiddo. Haha.

Summer Road Trip 2017: Infanta Quezon

I think we’re obsessed with action cams – too obsessed that we even took another road trip just so we can document another outing using our new SJCam. (Yes, we bought our own since the one we used for Zambales was my brother’s).

Now I wish we jumped into the bandwagon earlier and recorded our previous trips in Bohol and Coron. It would have been nice, no?

Anyway, sharing with you yet another video I made for our Infanta trip. That’s two beaches in two weeks hahaha. Let’s see where we’re headed to this weekend!

Win Conversation: Shoe Dilemma

Win is such a funny kid. Seriously. Haha.  Plus she talks a lot. And with a lot – I mean A LOT.  This is a surprise since I wasn’t chatty when I was a kid – in fact, I was a very shy child back then. But my husband often say that she got her way of reasoning after me, you know – comments that are sometimes irrelevant and blunt but with such indignation, you can’t help but believe in it too haha.  Anyway,  I’ve been posting some of our conversations in her facebook page, but I think I’ll move it here just so I can better document it.

We were inside a shoe store earlier waiting for Daddy to finish buying a new pair of slippers. Win and I were just playing with the toys there (the shoe store has some sort of play corner which was located beside the kid’s shoe section, aimed to lure kids – and parents indirectly – at that area).   I stood up and checked out the kid’s shoe selection – whoa most of them are 50% off! -picked a blue one and asked Win if she liked it. She nodded, stood up and went towards to where I was. She began checking out the other shoes for a moment – and then she said:
W: “Mommy, ouch!!”
M: “Bakit?” (Why?)
W: “Ang sakit ng shoes ko!” (My shoes hurt!)
M: “Wow ha, masakit na bigla shoes mo!” (Wow, all of a sudden your shoes hurt!)
W: *Nods* “Chaka dumi na kasi shoes ko o, di mo kasi nililinis” (Plus, look my shoes are dirty because you don’t clean it)

Her father and the saleslady nearby burst out laughing. Haha. So I guess I really need to buy her that new pair of shoes, didn’t I?

I was not really planning to buy anything, but I’m letting this one pass because it was just too funny! Hay Win. If you go down my path, one thing’s for sure: your mouth will get you into trouble one way or another. Hahahaahah.

2016 was a blast!

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about how bad 2016 was for them. Personally, I can’t relate. This year has been so awesome for me:

Professional – I have often complained how heavy my workload was this year, but if I really think about it – the busyness was actually a good thing for a freelancer like me.  I may have even lost or turned down some clients along the way, but that’s only because I’ve been more selective. I am finally in a position wherein I am comfortable enough to choose – unlike before when I tend to accept everything just for the sake of having continuous work. Income has been really great as well – even better than my corporate days.

Travel – We’ve travelled to different destinations and tried a lot of new restaurants this year!  The only problem was I was too busy to actually sit down and do posts for each. Hopefully, I can change that next year and make better use of this domain space. hehe.

Bolinao, July
Bohol, August
Coron, November
Enchanted December, posted this because Win was so into that roller coaster ride (which she rode 4x!) 
Forget about the restaurants, it will take me ages to upload everything here. 

Health – Just a few colds, cough and fever, but no major sickness in my family.  As you get older, you get to appreciate this one, really. I’ve also jumpstarted my so-called “Fit at 30” journey a few weeks back – squeezed regular workouts and been eating mindfully. This holiday season has been pretty bad though – diet wise haha, I think I already cancelled out all my hard work lol. I’ll jump back in again after the new year celebrations…I still have 6 months til July.

Friends – Now that I can leave Win for longer periods of time, I finally managed to catch up with my long-time friends. I haven’t seen anyone for almost three years, so it felt great to be able to see some of them again.

with Lucille, Dec 19 
with my college buddies, Dec 26
with Joyce, Dec 28

Here’s hoping that 2107 will also be as good, even better, than 2016! I’m already claiming it – Universe be good to me!!!!

Coron, Palawan 2016

Coron is still as beautiful as the last time I saw it. However, there are more tourists now as compared before (even on a weekday) and the “tour” has become too mainstreamed and more automized. I think that’s one downside of a booming tourism -you tend to lose that special, personal touch in favor of accommodating more tourist clients and receiving more money.

But like what I said, it’s still beautiful. My husband was so enthralled with Coron’s beauty, he now wants to go to Siargao for a similar experience. Haha I think I have finally influenced him to lead a wandering life, LOL. That’s a big feat since he was never really into traveling before.

This trip was also my daughter’s second plane trip, the first one was last August in Bohol. She’s truly a water baby – couldn’t get enough of swimming and playing with sand. I hope she grows up wanting to see the world too.

I’m definitely planning more trips next year, just waiting for seat sale. Haha.

Sorry for the short post, I’ve been writing articles the whole day for my freelance client. If I ever find energy later on, I’ll edit this one and give more details.