Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Days 2, 3 and 4

I love just how accessible our hotel is to all types of HK transportation. The A21 Citifyler bus to and from HK International Airport stops right infront of our hotel (just get off at Prudential Life-Nathan Road, approximately the11th stop from the airport). MTR Jordan Exit C1 is right beside Shamrock hotel, so it’s easyContinue reading “Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Days 2, 3 and 4”

Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Day 1

I really got lucky with Win. Ever since she was a baby, I never really had serious problems with her – a healthy, attentive and good natured child who loves to laugh and learn. Although, I think she will be, scratch that – she is a smart-mouth. Haha. I have no right to complain onContinue reading “Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Day 1”

Celebrating Mom’s 51st the Lorenzo’s Way

I know  it doesn’t look like it, my mom just turned 51 today! Mudra Time really flies fast. We sometimes get so involved with our own lives that we tend to forget the fact that our parents are getting older too. Aside from our current family dilemma, my mom’s birthday served as a reminder forContinue reading “Celebrating Mom’s 51st the Lorenzo’s Way”

An afternoon with Crisostomo and Swensen.

The last on my June listography was to dine in a restaurant I’ve never been to before. I really thought I will not be able to squeeze in this last activity since the month was almost over. Good thing my family decided to dine out for my sister’s 21st birthday, a perfect chance for meContinue reading “An afternoon with Crisostomo and Swensen.”