Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Day 1

I really got lucky with Win. Ever since she was a baby, I never really had serious problems with her – a healthy, attentive and good natured child who loves to laugh and learn. Although, I think she will be, scratch that – she is a smart-mouth. Haha. I have no right to complain onContinue reading “Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Day 1”

Around the World in "PAUW"-ty Days

You got to admire the concept of Win’s school for this year’s UN Celebration. This is definitely not the usual “national costumes” parade that we came to expect every year. Like, seriously, Win and I had so much fun! Kudos to the teachers for all the effort and creativity that they put into this celebration.Continue reading “Around the World in "PAUW"-ty Days”

Majayjay Adventure

One of my parenting goals is to (safely) expose Win to as many places, experiences and people as possible. I think exposing my child and letting her experience things is one of the best ways to teach her about the world she lives in. Through that hopefully I can raise an empathic, knowledgeable and well-roundedContinue reading “Majayjay Adventure”

A Day In The Life Of Win

You know what they say about parenthood: The days are long but the years short. This coming school year Win will be entering Junior Nursery in a preschool inside UP. Gosh where did Time went??!! It seems just like yesterday when she was just a helpless little baby! I’m pretty ecstatic about it, but nervousContinue reading “A Day In The Life Of Win”

Things I Will Tell My 2-Years-Ago Self

Thanks to Facebook, I was reminded of what I was doing exactly a year ago from today: Planning my daughter’s 1st birthday! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Win has grown so much over that short span of time. I can already see a glimpse of her personality, which unfortunately most of itContinue reading “Things I Will Tell My 2-Years-Ago Self”

The Plight of a Work-At-Home Mom

So here’s my dilemma. I’ve been a work-at-home mom with no helper since my daughter was 3 months old. You would think that I have this task juggling/scheduling down to the nail, but you’re gravely mistaken. One thing I learned when I became a mom was to throw all expectations out the window. Haha. YouContinue reading “The Plight of a Work-At-Home Mom”