Pound by Todd English at SM Megamall

I’ve been getting sick a lot lately. Just last month I got corneal ulcer in my left eye. This entailed almost a month-long treatment and checkups with the opthalmologist..and a lifetime maintenance of opthalmic gel. And just before this weekend, lo and behold – I got food poisoned. Hahaha. I initially thought the nausea wasContinue reading “Pound by Todd English at SM Megamall”

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, UP Town Center

I’ve seen a lot of restaurants open, some of them grandiosely,  only to close in a span of few months here in Katipunan. There’s just too many competition and if you’re not offering something really good and worth the money, then don’t expect your restaurant to survive. It’s a dog eats dog world out here…wellContinue reading “Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, UP Town Center”

Hot Star Katipunan

Here’s to random midweek dates with the family! My husband has been eyeing the recently opened Hot Star resto here in Katipunan for quite some time now. I think we attempted to dine there twice, but as usual, parking was always a problem.  Yesterday, we made sure to not miss out anymore by riding theContinue reading “Hot Star Katipunan”

Beeffalo Marikina

2015’s starting out very well for me. I feel energized and motivated. I’m even even finding time to do stuff I loved doing before, like this one – food blogging. I’m also excited that I have my own “crew” to join me on my adventures, namely my husband and daughter. LOL. We’ve dined in aContinue reading “Beeffalo Marikina”

Celebrating Mom’s 51st the Lorenzo’s Way

I know  it doesn’t look like it, my mom just turned 51 today! Mudra Time really flies fast. We sometimes get so involved with our own lives that we tend to forget the fact that our parents are getting older too. Aside from our current family dilemma, my mom’s birthday served as a reminder forContinue reading “Celebrating Mom’s 51st the Lorenzo’s Way”

An afternoon with Crisostomo and Swensen.

The last on my June listography was to dine in a restaurant I’ve never been to before. I really thought I will not be able to squeeze in this last activity since the month was almost over. Good thing my family decided to dine out for my sister’s 21st birthday, a perfect chance for meContinue reading “An afternoon with Crisostomo and Swensen.”

Yabu @ SM Megamall Atrium

Last Thursday my mom, sister and I headed out to SM Megamall to spend some serious moolah (-mom’s moolah, that is, hehe) and I got this amazing white blazer from F21 which I know will be an great addition to my wardrobe. I would have loved to request for new shoes too but that’s pushingContinue reading “Yabu @ SM Megamall Atrium”

Under the Persian Sun

I’ve been down in the dumps lately, for reasons I’d rather keep than blog about.I know this isn’t the first time I lost my appetite on a lot of things, including food, dining and travel – which was the primary reason why this blog has been inactive for a couple of weeks. I’m just feelingContinue reading “Under the Persian Sun”

Celebrating the Colors of Summer at Kiss the Cook Cafe

In a few weeks time I’ll be permanently saying goodbye to my current job and will be facing a whole new working environment somewhere in Ortigas. Everything came in a blur, all I can remember is me just browsing for vacancies, figuring it wouldn’t cost me anything to try applying for other jobs. Its noContinue reading “Celebrating the Colors of Summer at Kiss the Cook Cafe”