Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Days 2, 3 and 4

I love just how accessible our hotel is to all types of HK transportation. The A21 Citifyler bus to and from HK International Airport stops right infront of our hotel (just get off at Prudential Life-Nathan Road, approximately the11th stop from the airport). MTR Jordan Exit C1 is right beside Shamrock hotel, so it’s easyContinue reading “Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Days 2, 3 and 4”

Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Day 1

I really got lucky with Win. Ever since she was a baby, I never really had serious problems with her – a healthy, attentive and good natured child who loves to laugh and learn. Although, I think she will be, scratch that – she is a smart-mouth. Haha. I have no right to complain onContinue reading “Win’s 4th Birthday Celebration -Day 1”

Majayjay Adventure

One of my parenting goals is to (safely) expose Win to as many places, experiences and people as possible. I think exposing my child and letting her experience things is one of the best ways to teach her about the world she lives in. Through that hopefully I can raise an empathic, knowledgeable and well-roundedContinue reading “Majayjay Adventure”

Summer Road Trip 2017: Infanta Quezon

I think we’re obsessed with action cams – too obsessed that we even took another road trip just so we can document another outing using our new SJCam. (Yes, we bought our own since the one we used for Zambales was my brother’s). Now I wish we jumped into the bandwagon earlier and recorded ourContinue reading “Summer Road Trip 2017: Infanta Quezon”

Win’s Summer Escapade 2015

The problem with my motivation is that it comes and goes. Especially now that I’m a mother, I would rather spend my free time playing with my daughter, sleeping,or getting around doing those pending household chores – which is why this blog’s been sitting for almost three months with no new updates. What’s more. myContinue reading “Win’s Summer Escapade 2015”

Beeffalo Marikina

2015’s starting out very well for me. I feel energized and motivated. I’m even even finding time to do stuff I loved doing before, like this one – food blogging. I’m also excited that I have my own “crew” to join me on my adventures, namely my husband and daughter. LOL. We’ve dined in aContinue reading “Beeffalo Marikina”