Hi there,

I’m Antonette – a wife, mom, freelance graphic designer/writer, traveller, foodie…to name a few! But putting all those ‘hats’ aside, I think I’m just a person who just love to do, learn and explore. This place is a hodge podge of everything and anything that makes me who I am. Come and join me in my life adventures!

I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed.. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.

Roald Dahl


Take a look at some of the projects I’ve done throughout my career.

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Visual Identities, Layouts and Compositions

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There are various reasons why we blog. For me, the reason is simple:

I blog to remember.

This is more than a reminder of a specific instance in my life. I want to remember what I thought and how I felt during that moment. Time makes you forget a lot of things, blogging is my way of reclaiming what I want to hold dear.